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Believe it or not, I actually like cleaning pipes!
Now, I am studying pipe making, but am not new to carving. As a former maker of Native American flutes, I am inspired by ritual, nature, and find comfort in pipe tobacco,slight asymmetry, and minor imperfection.

And although I may never attain it, I do strive for perfection as I practice my craft, growing personally and professionally. I think of each pipe I carve like a growth ring in a tree, each one dependent even on the first. (first pipe pictured above)  

Be a part of the process

Join the Thos. Martin's Growth Ring. As my skills improve, of course so too will my pipes. You can keep you original purchase, smoke it and enjoy. Or you can trade up. (second pipe pictured below)  


Special Offer

Buy a pipe. I’ll make more! That‘s the point. I will invest 100% of the purchase price into more briar, for more pipes. If you have briar and want me to carve you a pipe, I can do that too. If you would like pictures of pipes not yet sold, or if you have information for me, write to
Be a part of history!

How It Works

With each new quarterly offering, going in order of pipes purchased, each member of the Growth Ring will receive an email and the right of first refusal in the order. Should you decide to ”trade up,” return it for full credit toward your new pipe.

Or become a collector. Keep your prior purchase and buy a new one at a discount. If you pass on that offer, the next customer on the list gets their chance (via email) at a new Thos. Martin pipe.

Think of it as a deposit; an investment in the future. Think of each and every purchase as a loan, and the pipe a loaner. Or don’t think at all; strike a match and relax.

The Workshop

(Foreground- my third pipe) The pipe pictured was carved of White Ash as I had no briar. It has become my favorite smoker and is my “workshop pipe.” (Background) Five pipes, on the rack during the cleaning process. Behind them is the buffing wheel which in another life served as a coffee grinder in Brooklyn. To the right is a treadle lathe retrofitted with a motor. As you can see, I am blessed with Yankee ingenuity thrift, but am not blessed with briar.

By joining Thos. Martin's Growth Ring, you can help me grow my business. Its a win-win!

The Workshop

Thank you,
Thos. Martin, Pipemaker

Beverly, Massachusetts- USA

Phone: 978.578.7349