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Thos. Martin
Shaping The Stummels
Saturday, 16 December 2006
"The Banister"
Topic: Pipe 11: DEC06 -NFS











This pipe smokes better than any pipe i have ever smoked, including my $300 Ardor Fantasy. The double draw barrel is awesome! Too bad I couldn't sell this one.  ;)

Posted by thos.martin at 3:04 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 16 December 2006 3:08 PM EST
Wednesday, 6 December 2006
Of Disproportions & Broken Tenons
Now Playing: a Narrative
Topic: Pipe 11: DEC06 -NFS
  • I corrected the problem of disproportion by reducing the height of the bowl.
  • When working on where the shank meets the stem, I accidentally broke the tenon off the shank. I suppose now might be a good time to explain how to get the broken piece of tenon out off the mortis, especially if you do not have the special tool for the purpose. Find a sm. brad with a head diameter smaller than the draught hole. Hold the brad with a pair of pliers. Insert the head into the hole past the end of the broken tenon. Hook the end of the tenon with the edge of the head and pull the piece out. Backto the drawing board on the stem. . . Not as bad as it seems, but not tonight I have a headache...


Posted by thos.martin at 7:07 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 11 December 2006 6:33 PM EST
Things to Do
Topic: Pipe 11: DEC06 -NFS

 I need to make sure that the panel billiard is less of a freehand and more trad...

I'll start by making sure the proportions are correct. I no doubt will have to trim some of the top. then I'll need to decide wether to leave the top of the bowl rusticated or not...

Then, I'll re-asses other aspects.Most important. I need to work the joint where the shank meets the stem so that it is square. This will take a while.  Carry on. . .

Posted by thos.martin at 6:12 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 6 December 2006 6:19 AM EST
Monday, 4 December 2006
ugly fruit
Topic: Pipe 11: DEC06 -NFS

I proceeded and its reminescent of Dylan gone electric at the 1967 Newport Folk Festival. Either you hated it or you loved it. All other pipes were made while listneing to classical music. The station was down so I listened to Rock. Loud. And, well, it shows. Garish, bold, and out of tune but oddly interesting. Hard to put my finger on why I like this pipe, kind of Like Dylan; can't sing but I love him.

a hard rain is gonna fall....

Posted by thos.martin at 9:08 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 4 December 2006 9:22 PM EST
Sunday, 3 December 2006
Panel Billiard Proving Difficult..
Topic: Pipe 11: DEC06 -NFS

despite the fact that PIMO says it should be the easiest. Maybe that is the case depending on what tools you got, but I HATE my sears Mitre Saw. S_cks.  Didn't get to work in the shop as much today because While cleaning the house today, I noticed that the roof is leaking. So I ended up cleaning the gutters, and then I had to rake what I had cleaned out of the guttes. And so it goes...

Also, the "twist" I mentioned on this "four square" earlier is that I twisted the  square shank ninety degrees to make it a diamond shank. It is although giving me a bit of grief (actually I love it). To think a little more positive, The stem is an awesome diamond twin bore saddle. Smoking....

pictures are worth a 100 words.... 















    Tommorow I'll decide how to proceed...

Posted by thos.martin at 6:50 PM EST
Saturday, 2 December 2006
"The 4x4" A classic 4-panel billiard with a twist!
Topic: Pipe 11: DEC06 -NFS
This pipe is being made especially for a fellow member of I'm sure he'll love it!

Posted by thos.martin at 9:27 AM EST

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